Taiwan Day 1

Arrived! We have high expectation from this trip so I hope everything goes well despite not having everything planned.

Took us a bit of time to decide which route to take to Taichung. We then decided to take the bus to Taichung Railway Station instead of switching around.

Guess what? Knock out. It was a 2hr ride from Taoyuan Airport to Taichung Railway Station.

When we arrived at the bus stop, took us awhile navigating before realising that there is something called GPS.

Two tourist lugging their luggage around trying to find GanCheng bus terminal (we were told that we could take a bus up to CingJing from there). Cannot help but stop by to grab some snacks along the way.

A driver approached us when we were standing outside the ticketing counter, he offered to drive us up to CingJing via his taxi for 500TWD each. Tried bargaining and felt terrible after. I should have known better, the journey up is tedious. I apologised and he was cool about it. It was a pleasant ride, he was friendly and resourceful. Definitely assisted us a lot.


Contact: 0926-177393

WhatsApp: +886926177393

Spent the night in Julie’s Garden (清境峰情 人文民宿). Simply WOW.

We had plans to visit QingJing Veterans Farm, VAC Green Green Grasslands on the day we arrived. Spectacular view.

Beautiful Scenery. Great Weather. Friendly People. Here’s to a great start!



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