Taiwan Day 5

All set for Beitou! Looking forward to visit the Hot Spring!

Took a train to Beitou and transfer to Xinbeitou. Very disappointed that we overlooked the opening hours. Upon arriving at Xinbeitou we realised the Beitou Thermal Valley and Museum closes on Monday.

On the bright side, we still get to visit a Hot Spring and tasted the Hot Spring Ramen.

水舍银光 Poetry among the Trees

Not sure if it is because we visited the place on a weekday or the place is slightly further up Beitou. When we visited this Hot Spring, it is very empty.

Our initial intention was not to visit this outlet but Asia Pacific Resort (APR), who knows when we are there APR is no longer there.

A 1hr 30min private Hot Spring (NT1000/pax) session. Not disappointed with the private Hot Spring but a little disappointed with the service. Not that it is bad but something is missing.

Things just did not go as planned today. The plan to visit Yangmingshan was postponed. We changed our plan to visit Tamsui instead. To catch the sunset! We were told the weather is not at it’s best but I am satisfied with what I saw.

Shilin Night Market

It’s either the place is not as good as the reviews or we are missing out certain areas. Night Market will still be Night Market, it is pretty similar.



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