Taiwan Day 7

We are back to Ruifang again. Apparently everything is going much smoother as compared to yesterday.

Arrived at Shifen (again). Decided not to pay for the sky lantern because I saw how these lanterns ended up in the river.

We arrived much earlier as compared to yesterday. Intention was to see the Shifen waterfall. It was indeed beautiful but I wish I was closer to the waterfall.

Featuring my photographer of the trip.

Right after this photo, it started pouring, a sign to move on.

Oh and major love for this peanut ice cream roll. After trying the ones in Jiufen, Shifen and Pingxi this store in Shifen IS THE BEST. Despite being NT40, which is NT5 pricier than the rest. After trying, you will know it is worth that NT5 more.

Arrived at Pingxi. The weather was not in our favour. Did not explore much, many stores did not open either.

Well, atleast I found the Taiwan sausage store. That one store that offers many different ways of pairing Taiwan sausage. Both of us opt for garlic and well after eating the garlic… we never spoke since then.

Wanted to visit Houtong better known as Cat Village, she is not a fan of cat and the weather wasn’t great so we gave that a miss.



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